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Dream Hunt

When we are contacted by someone to guide a moose hunt, we try to get a good feel about the style of hunt they are looking for, everyone is a little different so we try to fulfill their "dream" to the best of our ability. This was Scotts dream.

We first spoke with Scott on the phone in the early summer and discussed at length with him what his goals were for his moose tag. He told us that no matter what he didn't want it to be easy, in fact he didn't care if he even killed a moose. He just wanted to work hard for it and earn it, while having a good time at moose camp. In the event that he did shoot a moose, he wanted it to have "good paddles" as he described.

Scott was paired with Robert, these two seemed to fit like a glove. Both guys have a really strong drive, and aren't afraid to go wherever needed to get the job done, while enjoying the adventure at the same time.

On Monday of the hunt, they put on many miles, Robert called out a few bulls within range but none to either of their liking for it being so early in the week. They were just enjoying the hunt and stepping foot where most likely nobody has in decades.

Tuesday morning they started their day at a spot Robert had scouted prior to the season and had a large bull on camera. They started off at an old grown in logging road. They arrived well before light and just started listening. They could hear bulls and cows all around them. This was one of those mornings that you dream of. Once it was light enough to see they made their way down into the woods, deeper and deeper. They could hear moose all around them, but just couldn't seem to get close enough. Each time they tried to make a move the moose would go silent, it was becoming a game of cat and mouse as they continued into the thick growth furs. There were times it seemed as if any minute something was going to appear, and nothing would happen. As is the case with many hunts you just can't give up. They continued towards the sounds of a cow moaning and what they believed would be a larger bull. They finally reached a large bog system a couple miles down in the woods. as they looked out into it a bull must have heard them and started aggressively raking his antlers on a tree across the bog. Robert started calling to the bull and it didn't take long for the challenge, this bull came across the bog to within 12 yards. Robert said "don't let it get any clos...." "BOOM"! Scott dropped the bull at 12 yards with a single shot from his 28 nosler rifle. By 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday Scott had taken the bull of his dreams, and had the exact hunt he had asked for. The remainder of the day was spent packing the bull out of the woods and enjoying it. Many people will say once the animal is down the real work begins, which there's no denying that. But if you truly have a chance to take it all in while doing it, there is nothing better than those short lived moments. Despite Scott tagging out on only his second day of moose hunting, he was able to spend the rest of the week enjoying camp, and going on several other pack outs from the other hunters we had.

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