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Guided Maine Moose Hunt

Remote hunts

    The Maine Moose Hunt is held by a yearly random lottery. If you have drawn your Maine moose permit, join us on a fully guided hunt of a lifetime, calling and stalking trophy Maine moose. 

    The remote areas we hunt and guide allow you a greater chance at finding a trophy bull. When you arrive in our outfitter camp you will be surrounded by miles of wilderness.

    We hunt out of comfortable outfitter tents fully equipped with stove, cots, lighting and most amenities of home. We setup our camp as close as possible to the areas we hunt to reduce travel time, and increase your hours spent in the woods.


    We stay away from high concentrations of hunters, which allows us to focus on older class bulls.

    Our style of hunting is different then a lot of other guide services or outfitters. We pursue moose similar to a back country hunt out west. We go in on foot and call. We are able to cover more productive ground this way, and avoid over pressured moose. Since Maine has a dense forest the shots are often close, but can occasionally be at long distance. We offer hunts for both bow hunters and gun hunters.

    We are fully insured and have commercial guiding permits with access to the North Maine Woods. This gives us access to over 3.5 million acres.

    We guide zones 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 and offer moose permit swap assistance as part of our hunting packages. Max 5 Hunters in camp.

    The Maine Moose Permit Lottery application is due by May 15 each year. You can apply by clicking the link below.

Apply here for 2019 Maine Moose Permit Lottery

Why hunt with us?

We are probably more excited about your hunt than you are. We will go above and beyond to fulfill your expectations. We will discuss at length with you prior to your hunt about what you are looking to achieve. We are highly experienced and strive to give you the hunt of a lifetime.  

Preseason scouting

We spend countless hours setting cameras (more than 20), and scouting areas that hold mature moose. Well before the season starts.

Knowledgeable and friendly guides

Your guides are experienced moose hunters, and act professionally. Fully capable of calling, caping, quartering and packing out your moose. 

Small group of hunters 

Our goal is to provide an incredible experience in a remote setting.

In 2019 we will only be taking two hunters for September bull, and two hunters for October bull. The same goes for the cow hunt. All meals are included in the hunts.

Calling and stalking

Your guides are good moose callers. We do not use electronic calls like a lot of guide services. We rely on using our own voices and experience to lure in a trophy bull. 

Remote hunt

Your guided hunt is typically 40-80 miles from the nearest U.S. town depending on the zone. There is not a lot of competition. The moose population is very healthy. We focus on older class bulls.

Retrieval of your moose

Once your moose is down, we are prepared to get it out of the woods. Either by use of winches, or quartering it up. A lot of guide services will only hunt on roads and cannot quarter a moose. We prefer to hunt the back country.

UPDATE: 8/31/19 Still have Sept. Hunt available


Package 1


1 guide 1 hunter fully guided moose hunt. Includes sub-permittee


Zones 1,2,4,5

$1,000 deposit to reserve hunt

remainder due by 8/15/19

Package 2



1 guide 1 hunter fully guided moose hunt. Includes sub-permittee


Zones 1,2,4,5

$1,000 deposit to reserve hunt remainder due by 9/15/19

All Moose Hunt Prices Include:

  • Preseason scouting

  • 6 days of fully guided hunt

  • Retrieval of your moose

  • Transportation during hunting

  • Lodging in outfitter tents with wood stoves and cots

  • All meals

  • Assistance swapping moose permits if necessary

Not Included

  • Maine hunting license 

  • Moose permit fees

  • North Maine Woods gate fees

  • Butchering

  • Taxidermy

  • Extra non-hunter $750.00

We hunt mature bulls!

8.5 year old trophy bull with Big Mountain Outfitters
7.5 year old trophy bull with Big Mountain Outfitters
6.5 year old trophy bull harvested by 11 year old with Big Mountain Outfitters
6.5 year old trophy bull with Big Mountain Outfitters

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