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guided maine moose hunt

We understand it can take a lifetime to secure one of the most sought-after moose tags in North America, look no further. Our team of guides is fully committed to ensuring that your hunt is an unforgettable experience. Our camp is strategically located over 50 miles from the nearest US town. We chose this setting with care placing us in the heart of Maines best moose territory. We dedicate abundant time and resources to make your experience exceptional. Our team has invested in the best equipment available, ensuring your comfort and well-being are of top priority. Before your arrival, we put in the legwork. With over 100 game cameras we scout the area extensively, covering numerous miles on foot and vehicle. Our unwavering dedication to our hunters has led to continued success on trophy class animals. You're not a participant, you're part of the team. Contact us for the adventure of a lifetime. 

Our success rate is 92% for our past 50 hunts.

You can view our results from previous years on our Facebook page here.

The 2024 Moose lottery will be on June 15, and online results posted by 6 p.m.

guided maine moose hunt
Why hunt with us?

Experienced guides
We use the same guides each year, which has developed into a bonded team. Our approach is always through teamwork to ensure the highest success and satisfaction.
Extensive pre-season scouting
Our operation is solely focused on guiding moose hunts. This provides hundreds of hours of combined scouting prior to your hunt, both on foot and with over 100 game cameras in place.

Being well rested and comfortable are key factors to success. We have invested in high quality wall tents for each individual hunting party, equipped with XL cots, and large overnight wood stove. Despite being in an off grid remote location, we have a very comfortable camp which includes on demand propane hot showers, and dedicated camp cook for hot meals.

Game care
The weather can vary greatly from year to year. We are equipped to handle your downed animal from single digits, to the hottest of days. All of our moose are quartered and packed out. Once in camp we will have your quarters hanging in a walk in cooler in a short amount of time, this is an advantage most remote outfitters cannot provide.

guided maine moose hunt

Some moose hunting action from the past with us!


2024 Pricing




1 on 1

Fully guided includes Sub-permittee


Zones 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11

50% non-refundable deposit to reserve spot,

remainder due  08/15/24


Week 1


Week 2 


All Moose Hunt Prices Include

  • Preseason scouting

  • 6 days of fully guided 1 on 1 hunt

  • Retrieval of your moose (usually quartered)

  • Transportation during hunting

  • Lodging in wall tents with wood stoves and cots

  • All meals and snacks

  • Assistance swapping moose permits if necessary

*please note, all of our hunters are considered VIP. We do the same amount of scouting for each hunter and give 100% effort to everyone. No moose is a guarantee, our hardwork is.

other expenses not included

Maine hunting license: 

Resident: $26.00 

Non Resident: $115.00

Maine Moose permit fee: 

Resident: $52.00

Non Resident: $585.00

North Maine Woods Gate Fees: 

Resident $140.00

Non-Resident $180.00

Non Hunter: $1,000.00

(sub-permittee is included in price)

Butchering: $850-1000 depending on cut choices, sausage etc.

Transportation to and from camp if you fly in, or cant drive to camp: $300.00 round trip paid directly to guide

Taxidermy if you choose

Guide/Camp Cook Tip


Big Mountain Outfitters




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